Pigs: We offer the Rhini Shield TX4 vaccine for pigs to help prevent rhinitis and erysipelis. We also suggest a rabies vaccination, and checking and treating for parasites and mites. We provide spaying and neutering services for pet pigs. Males should be neutered around 3 months of age in order to prevent serious behavioral disorders and unpleasant odors. Additionally, neutering at this age will help prevent the development of dangerous tusks. Females should also be spayed around 3 months of age in order to avoid behavioral problems which worsen when they go into heat. Spaying will also eliminate the chance of developing ovarian cysts and uterine cancers. We are equipped with the necessary tools to handle and restrain pet pigs, and the appropriate anesthetic drugs and equipment.

Chickens: Chickens may succumb to various wounds and illnesses. Unfortunately they will often hide illness until they are very sick. Dr. Cline and Dr. Lipstock are happy to examine your chickens and advise owners on appropriate treatments.


Compassionate place to take your well-loved furry companions. I have known Dr. Tom Haney for 15+ years, and he, along with the rest of the staff, are efficient, thorough, and truly love animals. Best vet in town.

- Leigh F

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